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A Certified E-Fit Personal Trainer. Holds an MSc in Computer Science, BEng in Computer Systems & Electronics & is an Author: RealTime Critical Systems HRM Prot. & Ada Int.

Jordan is technically minded, has a passion for fitness and is set to make a difference. His technical background complements the works of Electro Fitness. Personalising the devices to suit clients of a diverse body composition requires the technical mindset and knowledge that Jordan possesses. His passion for fitness complements his client's workouts to reach unimaginable goals and has an extreme effect to delivering results. 


A Certified E-Fit Personal Trainer. Currently executing an advanced level course in nutrition & holds a BSc in Computing&Information Systems

From a young age Stacey has had a great interest in the Fitness Industry, always trying to learn ways to better herself. Stacey believes that everyone can achieve their dream, no matter how far it may be and feels honoured that she has been able to help many people achieve this and continues to do so! She is devoted to make clients feel comfortable and be themselves.

We are proud representatives and exclusive distributors of E-Fit EMS Devices in Gibraltar. However, mostly known for our Historical Approach, dominating EMS Equipment & Quality PT Services.


Our aim is to defeat the PT Market in Gibraltar using unique qualities that make us stand out in this competitive market. Results are fortunately guaranteed and our client relationship is personal as well as, interactive. Indeed, we are the professionals, however, getting close to our clients personally allows us to evaluate their lifestyle and treatment requirements. Being fed with knowledge about our client's lifestyles, gives us the opportunity to personalise a fitness plan that against all odds, works. Our plans intend to use best practice while at the same time, dodge the problems that cause them to quit. A positive mindset is advantageous, but we do not depend on a mindset that fights all throughout a fitness plan. Our team will apply a livable challenge that your mind acknowledges, accepts, and fundamentally, complies with.


All clients will use our personalised Fitness App, and will be able to follow their personalised plan locally or remotely at their convenience. In addition, fitness plans involving our internal services are also available and our team will take responsibility in monitoring progression on a weekly basis. In house Body Composition Measurements and Weight Management are usually performed on a monthly basis (Logging). 


Finally, our services have proved numerous qualities, most known to improve & transform lives, re-develop one’s lack of confidence, develop inner strength and overall health. Our technology is continuously acting as a natural source or magnet that attracts and determines the dynamics and inner potential of our clients. Especially, souls penalized by self-doubt, indirect stress, depression or anxiety now have another way out. The applied resistance, inner muscular compressions and complete active workouts proved a compelling reaction to over 90% of our clients. 


Athletes have been introduced to unimaginable limits, with significant proof and experience of new stronger foundations, core strength enhancement, improved balance and posture, unimaginable endurance and cardiovascular strength as well as, being less prone to inury and a faster competitor in sports. 




77/3 Main Street, Gibraltar, GX11 1AA

(+350) 22 22 33 84

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E-Fit Gibraltar has proved to deliver results to 100% of its clients in little time. Indeed, certain clients receiving better results than other at different response rates and mostly to do with the distinct body composition and of course, nutrition. Nonetheless, E-Fit Gibraltar ensures that the 30 minutes of training you spend with us, twice a week will grant you the results you have been searching for in due course. Without a doubt, hardwork and a nutrition program is key to a complete and desirable transformation. Investing a little time and some money on yourself at E-Fit Gibraltar is the key to a life changing experience. 



E-Fit Gibraltar uses the EMS concept that dates back hundreds of years ago when it was first discovered. Initially used to treat distinct diseases in the 1700s, followed by its usage in space research to prevent muscle atrophy on astraunauts working in zero gravity environments, then used to complement sports therapy for faster recovery of professional athletes and finally, EMS accomodated with advanced technology to revolutionise the world of fitness, health, rehabilitation & cosmetics globally.



Our training is done in a supportive and motivational environment. We work intuitively to avoid clients procrastinate the need of getting back into shape. Enforcing fitness programs that are completely active, extremely effective and significantly time saving. Our private studio is based in the heart of main street, and our packages include free consultation and nutritional advice, shower, towels, toiletries, pre-workout fast-carb snack and post workout protein shake. Just bring yourself and your E-Fit Training Kit ; )

Our Sports Therapist Laurie Crawford-Smith and Ayurvedic Yoga Masseuse Sean Rodriguez also play an important role in our Team. They work independent hours and are available to you on specific dates & time. For more information fill in the contact form below.


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